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The roof is one of the hardest part of a house to clean and can quickly become polluted. The growth of elements such as moss can weaken shingles  which can lead to leaks and the lifespan of the roof being shortened significantly. Our roof and gutter cleaning service will ensure that your roof remains in pristine condition with no leaks or blockage.

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If you’re looking for a reliable roof cleaning service in Seattle, look no further than PROS Gutter Cleaning. An unkempt, moss covered roof is a sight that no one wants to see. Not only is a dirty roof an eyesore, it also compromises the structural integrity of your house if not handled properly. Moss growth can weaken a roof as it weakens the shingles and can cause leaks, drastically shortening the lifespan of the roof which makes a roof cleaning service even more important. Moss is usually found in cold, damp regions that receive moderate to high amounts of rainfall and is common on north facing roofs.

We use various methods to clean your roof and ensure that it remains moss free. The larger clumps of moss are brushed off which is followed by a wet or dry treatment to kill off the remaining moss in hard to reach places. After the initial cleaning, preventative treatment only needs to be applied once a year in most cases. If your roof if suffering from moss growth, avail our roof cleaning services before the moss can do any permanent damage as roof washing at regular intervals can prevent unwanted growth.

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