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We offer comprehensive gutter cleaning services that include Removal of blockage from gutters, clearing debris from the roof, elimination of clogging from elbows and downspouts above ground, ensuring proper flow of water, securing loose gutter hangers or spikes and a complete clean up are included in our gutter cleaning services.

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A functioning gutter system is an essential part of every property and a blocked gutter will have you looking for a gutter cleaning service. The rainwater falling off the roof of a house is collected by gutters and directed away from the walls of the house via vertical sections of the gutter system which are called downspouts. These downspouts are designed to direct the water towards a proper drainage system to as extended exposure to water can damage and weaken the walls and foundations of a property.

Gutters can become clogged if they are not properly maintained. This can have serious consequences such as rotting fascia boards, structural water damage and cracked foundations. Routine maintenance is essential as any debris on the roof can easily get swept into gutters, causing blockage.

Pros Gutter Cleaning is the go-to choice for you if you are looking for Seattle gutter cleaners, offering routine maintenance packages to ensure timely servicing of your gutters according to the schedule you choose. Our priority is the satisfaction of our clients in addition to the safety of our technicians. To certify this, all of our team members are provided with safety equipment and harnesses to minimize the chances of a mishap which allows us to provide the best gutter cleaning service.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Total Investment

Under 2,499 Sq. Ft


2,500 - 2,999 Sq. Ft


3,000 - 3,499 Sq. Ft


3,500 - 3,999 Sq. Ft


4,000 - 4,999 Sq. Ft


For each additional 1,000 Sq Ft add $200.

We ensure your gutters are properly channeling water away from your home. Cleaning your gutters extends the life of your gutters. Blowing the roof is depending on the pitch of roof and if there are roof anchors present. An additional $250 for all roofs other than composite – i.e cedar shake, metal, tile…